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For Some African-Americans, Genetic Testing Reopens Past Wounds6h Updated For Some African-Americans, Genetic Testing Reopens Past Wounds
A legacy of unethical studies complicates calls for greater participation by African-Americans.
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France Wins the World Cup8h France Wins the World Cup
France took the World Cup with a 4-2 victory over Croatia. After a final that combined moments of individual shine with jaw-dropping fortune, Les Bleus lifted the trophy for the second time in their history, 20 years after the first.
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Angelique Kerber Wins Wimbledon as Unforced Errors Undermine Serena Williams8h Updated Angelique Kerber Wins Wimbledon as Unforced Errors Undermine Serena Williams
Serena Williams was defeated 6-3, 6-3 by Angelique Kerber as the 23-time Grand Slam champion made 24 unforced errors compared to five for her opponent in the women’s final at Wimbledon.
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Final whistle: women call time on boring, ugly football kits20h Final whistle: women call time on boring, ugly football kits
With its soaring profile, women’s football needs a new strip for more exciting times. Meet the designers transforming the look of the league As the profile of women’s football soars, so does its popularity: the last women’s World Cup broke records with the
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Hats off to a hair stylist with the soft touch26h Hats off to a hair stylist with the soft touch
Kinky-haired women can now use a product which puts the emphasis on gloriously touchable locks Texture, texture, texture… it’s an important subject for deliciously curly hair. Any sistas remember the crunchy days of 90s moussing? Sadly, many of today’s products that tame wild, bouncing spirals still leave hair hard or stiff. Not
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Ryan Hanrahan, Paul Donato26h Ryan Hanrahan, Paul Donato
The couple met at a bar in New Haven, where they were introduced by mutual friends in 2008.
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Maisie Clark, Daniel Bilotti26h Maisie Clark, Daniel Bilotti
The couple met at Harvard, from which both graduated.
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Caitlin Elfring, Shamisa Zvoma26h Caitlin Elfring, Shamisa Zvoma
The couple met in 2013, while playing on opposing teams in the New York Gay Football League.
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Zoey Orol, Jonathan Yehuda26h Zoey Orol, Jonathan Yehuda
After they began dating in law school her love of the history and inner workings of the New York City subway system eventually rubbed off on him.
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Gary Giglio, Veronica Ruelas26h Gary Giglio, Veronica Ruelas
The couple met in 2015 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend at the Atrio restaurant at the Conrad Hotel in New York.
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Alexandra Shevach, Ajay Premkumar27h Alexandra Shevach, Ajay Premkumar
The couple met while college students at Emory University.
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Lisa Kahn, Michael Giacomelli27h Lisa Kahn, Michael Giacomelli
The couple met in 2015 through OkCupid in Cambridge, Mass.
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Marie Ternes, Micah Boster27h Marie Ternes, Micah Boster
The bride is the executive director of media relations at Pace University; the groom is the chief operations officer of Kaptyn, a taxi technology start-up.
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Dana Burkart, Jason Radmacher27h Dana Burkart, Jason Radmacher
The bride was a widow, and the groom was a widower. The couple met in 2017 on OkCupid.
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Taylor Lustig, Sean Savett27h Taylor Lustig, Sean Savett
The couple met at a happy hour at a bar in Washington, but he did not recognize her with a new haircut a couple of days later at a coffee shop.
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